Do you think your heart is out of touch with others? ?

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Good evening, this is Kou Miyauchi.

Today I’ll talk about fantasy and reality mixed together.

But it is suddenly,

Do you think your heart is out of touch with others?

In the Japanese movie a while ago, with the title “Satrale”,

There was a story about a hero whose heart was out of control.

I think the main character was Masanobu Ando.

And in my personal favorite movie,

I can cry a little at the end.

I will omit the thin outline of the movie here.


This “What if someone else’s heart is out of shape?”

I will continue to focus on the setting.

Let’s continue.

It’s a hypothetical story,

Suppose you’re in a state where someone else’s heart is missing.

What I thought a little in my brain

All others will be missing.

It ’s raining and I ’m depressed,

I was too nervous before the presentation and my stomach was peepy.

Oh, the young girl I passed by now is so cute! ! And,

Because it’s trivial

It’s a bit tough, so

Even lewd things,

Everything goes on and on,



“My heart is out of shape”

In a state

“Everything is transmitted to the other party”

The situation is

I think it’s hard to bear.

Even if I was with my favorite girlfriend,

Even if I was dating that longing senior

Even if I gave a lot of speech as the president of the company,

Every day, you will have a busy day.

If you get a little alert,

“She doesn’t mean I should disturb my private life,”

“Senior was a crap man who split the bill by 1 yen,”

“Actually, I want to retire because it is difficult to live as a president,”

My own real intentions and weak sounds


I can’t hide at all,

It will be known to others.

This is a hypothetical story,

Although it is a story in the story,

In reality, similar situations can occur.

What time is it?

I mean

When I’m extremely nervous,

When you want to go into a hole because it’s too embarrassing,

When you’re angry because you’ve been queried,


“When I’m being cornered”


What if you get “out of mind for others”?

“I’m sure they are all out,”

“Let’s talk all together and it will be easier”,

The brain gets into a mess.

The inside of the brain is in a state of great scuffle smash Brothers.

The gauge is too full, so I just broke it,

It is in a state of being blown away.


“What if someone else’s heart is out of shape?”

When feelings like

“Oh, is the brain in a smash brothers state?”

I wonder.


“We are just assuming the state of Satraray.”

I wonder.

And, to summarize the story so far,
In reality,

“Your heart will not be lost to others.”

With that,

In other words,

“Your heart is yours”

about it.

Maybe one day my heart will come out,

I’m scared,

It ’s going to be hard,

Unless the laws of physics change

Your heart will never fall out.

What happens in today’s world?

As soon as my smartphone is gone, it will be replaced by a phone call,

It’s an impossible story.

Even if science and technology developed to that extent,

Because the law to protect the heart of the individual is passed,

Rest assured, you can think about various things in your mind.

(It’s not like the Personal Information Protection Law, is it like the Personal Emotion Protection Law? Lol)


“Your heart is yours only”

So no matter what people around you say,

I don’t know that

Listen to that

I can’t do that

It’s okay to think in my mind.

Your answer to the opening question is

In reality, there can be a saucer! Is it a positive group,

I don’t know if it’s the same denial as me.

Whichever it is,

I want to say

“Please value your own thoughts and feelings”

That is.

May your future be better …

Thank you for reading this far.

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I also want to see the movie satra le.